Consensual Tentacle

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…A cyclops woman, a struggling artist and an octopus walk into a bar. Every night. And stay until last call…that is, if they’re not forcibly removed first.

Consensual Tentacle the comic recounts the trials and trevails of these poor lost souls who are simply trying to survive until the future arrives and they receive their complimentary jet packs, meals in pill form and protocol droids. But until then, they’ll have to put up with shitty jobs, the fact that Harrison Bergeron isn’t available on DVD, a sex addicted octopus and the antics that ensue due to all of the above and more.

CT is illustrated by Eric Royal, who uses Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and good old fashioned pencils to get the job done. It is collectively written by Mr. Royal and L. Buchan, and is posted bi-weekly on Wednesday & Friday for your reading pleasure.


We would like to dedicate it all to our dearly departed Pat, true friend, fellow artist & obnoxious asshole, who the character August is fondly based upon.