Consensual Tentacle



Jun 15earn your keep
May 18funny money
May 6authentication
May 4my evil plans, let me show you them
Mar 11it’s a scientific fact
Mar 9dirty money
Mar 4that goes without saying
Mar 2proactive 2.0
Feb 11the break down
Feb 9that’s what she said
Jan 28so very pwnd
Jan 2675% logical
Jan 21Master and Apprentice
Jan 19according to my calculations
Jan 14the event
Jan 12go speed racer, go
Jan 7the truth about resolutions
Jan 5setting the bar low


Dec 31Happy New Year 2011
Dec 25Merry Christmas! 2010
Dec 8the games we play
Dec 6nothing at all
Dec 3don’t tell your mother
Nov 26thanksgiving 2010
Nov 24the magnificence of the human brain
Nov 22how subtle
Nov 19coup de coffee
Nov 17from better to worse
Nov 15if at first you don’t succeed
Nov 12assurance
Nov 10a sticky farewell
Nov 8crossfade
Nov 5bonus round
Nov 3anticlimax
Nov 1like a boss
Oct 29the many lives of august edwards
Oct 27ask and you shall receive
Oct 25down the anesthesia hole
Oct 22number of the beast
Oct 20mama edwards
Oct 18tramp stamp for the win
Oct 15life’s a bitch
Oct 13prepped
Oct 11lady in waiting
Oct 8i’ve got a bad feeling about this
Oct 6the whizz
Oct 4the cure all
Oct 1death wish
Sep 27the death chariot awaits
Sep 24raisin d’être
Sep 22breakfast of champions
Sep 20same difference
Sep 1725 years of sweet ‘staches
Sep 15sad but true
Sep 13so now you know
Sep 10fake mustache blues
Sep 8book’em tako
Sep 6epic chase
Aug 30an ode to axe cop
Aug 27habeas octopada
Aug 25the pros of con
Aug 23if i say he is a burglar, a burglar he is
Aug 11i can’t believe you actually called!
Aug 9why haven’t you called yet
Aug 6seriously, call me
Aug 4call me now
Aug 2call mistah paul!
Jul 30keeper qualifications
Jul 28intelligence test
Jul 26omens over dinner
Jul 23forbidden fruit
Jul 21beauty is pain
Jul 19skinny girl in a big shirt
Jul 16sustenance
Jul 14bliss
Jul 12the morning after
Jul 9the not so dirty truth
Jul 7these pants are tight
Jul 5memories
Jul 2the haircut
Jun 30paper thin
Jun 28中国的垃圾邮件 (chinese spam)
Jun 25legacy
Jun 23nietzsche knows best
Jun 21homecoming
Jun 18this can only end badly
Jun 16choose wisely
Jun 14the bird is the word
Jun 11the logical alternative
Jun 9penny for your thoughts
Jun 7dress for success
Jun 4savage office
Jun 2if only
May 28the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of loot
May 26the shit list
May 24that’ll be $4.60
May 19wow, now that’s dedication
May 17the bromance is over
May 14nietzsche never played pokemon
May 12good morning sunshine
May 10and i’m done
May 7it’s the little things in life
May 5the great outdoors
May 3he is a wrathful god
Apr 30dear raptor jesus
Apr 28oh snap!
Apr 26oatrageous
Apr 23a voicemail to be reckoned with
Apr 21d&d: drinking and dialing
Apr 19tako’s night out
Apr 16rude awakening
Apr 12talk nerdy to me
Apr 9and that is our exit cue
Apr 5circumstantial, at best
Apr 2rebel scum
Mar 29PDA: public displays of (passive) aggression
Mar 26the scene is sick
Mar 22… and then it happened
Mar 19we have still not reached the end of our trials
Mar 15do you know what “nemesis” means?
Mar 12the winner takes it all
Mar 8where everybody knows your name
Mar 5exercisin’ with august tip #5
Mar 4exercisin’ with august tip #4
Mar 3exercisin’ with august tip #3
Mar 2exercisin’ with august tip #2
Mar 1exercisin’ with august tip #1
Feb 26octopus interrupted
Feb 19sweet thing
Feb 15happy endings


Dec 8paint it black
Dec 4kids say the darndest things
Nov 30shut up and eat your soy dog
Nov 27f**k censorship
Nov 23the promise of cake
Nov 20the dark side of the laundry room
Nov 16maggot mom
Nov 13dick in a jar
Nov 6a period piece
Oct 30just another day for august
Oct 26just another day
Oct 23behold the dungeon master
Oct 16I.T. catch 22
Oct 12the fat cat was right
Oct 9the location may be shitty, but the view is spectacular
Oct 5and the dead shall rise
Oct 2so it begins