Consensual Tentacle

Gilda Greene
Gilda is our resident cyclops and heroine. Much to her chagrin, she was forced to take a position in corporate America as IT support staff after her boyfriend lost his job and her first solo show bombed.  She spends most of her time in some state of irritation. Don’t ask her about her eye. She doesn’t like to talk about it.

August Edwards
August is another one of those struggling artists who just happens to be focusing on his painting right now. He lives with/off his girlfriend Gilda, who sold out after they graduated from art school. As long as there’s someone to pay his MMO subscription fees, he shall continue to avoid doing the same. When he isn’t painting, he enjoys watching horror films & reorganizing his collection of statuettes action figures.

As far as we know, Tako is homeless, alcoholic, addicted to sex, and cannot discern but one reason as to why he’s still single. Gilda and August picked him up at the local bar one night, and like an unfortunate STD, he just won’t go away.

Steph Kondo
Steph was August’s high school sweet heart. Now she works at Bad Apple Books, peddling over-priced magazines imported from Japan and the LPs of bands from places equally obscure to most Americans – but her true passion is bass guitar. She and August formed the band The Hyrule Horde back in high school; though August left the band to pursue his art, she’s still their resident bassist and shit disturber.

Lester Philman
Lester is the dungeon master, both in D&D and the office. The head of the IT department at Gilda’s place of employment, Lester is one of the top five reasons Gilda can’t stand her job. He enjoys most comics, Mongolian barbecue, and high rollin’ (his D20s).