Consensual Tentacle

Eric Royal
The unfortunate artist was frozen during the Second World War so he could return to fight intergalactic space gorillas in the year 2345. However, he was accidentally released during the 1980s to fight the lingering cast of planet of the apes TV show and Alf due to a false alarm. After he vanquished such despicable characters, he took to terrorizing a poor defenseless neighborhood armed with naught but short shorts, a cowboy hat and a wooden sword. After that became a bore he started pushing pencils and paints, and his talent soon became apparent as he began to offend friends and family alike. This lead him to an escape from his neighborhood, where he had become a wanted man for burying all of his Ghost Buster action figures alive. Mister Royal went on to attend the illustrious Art Institute California, San Francisco, where he learned not only to animate, but also how to draw magnificent, anatomically correct breasts. When not working on the CT comic, Mr. Royal can be found doing the bidding of others as a freelance artist for hire. He also happens to enjoy painting, drinking & reading voraciously as well as working on other comic projects with his partner in crime.

You can find more of him & his art at :

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L. Buchan
L can most likely be found with a cup of tea, hunched over a moleskine scratching out scripts for Consensual Tentacle. Or if she’s on task, she might be working on various research projects in efforts to cram her sad swollen brain with knowledge that’s actually relevant to her post-graduate program. It is highly likely that she naturally produces an unhealthy amount of cortisol, GH and norepinephrine. When not draining her brain she is often lurking in cold, quiet corridors of museums and galleries, reading things she’s sure to forget, or training the members of her underground mutant rat circus.